A room that
twists in two.

Two restaurants within one.

Guitarra Portuguesa

Fado nights
every Tuesdays!

At Cangalho, the tradition of fado music is still what it was. Every Tuesday, starting at 9pm, just let the most representative music of the Portuguese people delight your ears and tear your soul. Unforgettable nights with unforgettable music and unforgettable food. Silence, please. It’s time for fado music!


Lamb Stew

One of the Portuguese delicacies par excellence. The perfect alchemy of flavors. The tradition that comes to our table. The whole country in a recipe with soul, served as the story tells.

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Duck with Orange

One of the classic combinations of the world cuisine. We took a plate with so many scrolls and gave it our touch. A touch of modernity, tradition, class and rusticity.

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EventsWoman's Day

On Women’s Day, feel special and join your group of friends for a night of fun in our restaurant.

We promise it will be unforgettable!


The most special day of your life deserves a restaurant to match. We want to be part of this magical moment. No details will remain untried. The location is magistral. The food is superb. The atmosphere is unforgettable.

You can choose a theme for your wedding or, alternatively, talk to us so that we can advise you the best way. Say yes… to our restaurant.

EventsOther occasions

At Cangalho, significant dates are never forgotten: Women’s Day and Valentine’s Day are just two examples. We do not have to give up a special program!

But the surprises are a constant and at any moment a special night can arise, an African Night or a Brazilian Night, just to name two.